Our Corona Policy

Dear City Walkers,

The City Walk is an idea that arose after the catering industry had to close for a second time. Currently, every catering business is doing its best to keep its head above water. As a result, many restaurants have started on take-away menus, but which restaurants are these actually and what are their specialties?

By means of the City Walk we take you through Amsterdam in a responsible way, playfully and without obligation! This gives you the opportunity to meet outside safely, to exercise and to support the local catering entrepreneurs!

In order to make this happen as responsibly as possible, we ensure that there is a maximum number of participants who can register per route and day. In addition, we will let you discover Amsterdam through the quiet (but because of that also the beautiful) streets.

Finally, we would like to share the following rules with you, which you will all receive in your PDF with City Walk documents:

- Stay at home in case of complaints
- Hiking with a maximum of two people
- Keep 1.5 meters away
- Always take your face mask with you
- Don't linger in front of the company, but just keep walking
- If it is a bit busier, walk around the block if necessary
- Above all, still enjoy beautiful Amsterdam
- Enjoy all the goodies that the catering industry serves you
- Take the quiz on the go and socialize
- Support your locals!
- After 20:00 no alcohol on the street!
- And of course make sure you arrive before 21:00;)

At the moment we live in a crazy time and it is slightly different from normal and who knows for how long.

Together we can make something of it so thank you again very much for all your understanding, enthusiasm and positivity! This benefits a great many entrepreneurs!

And of course a lot of fun especially while rediscovering Amsterdam (L)