In need of a company outing ?! A tailor-made company outing with De Stadswandeling!


In need of a company outing ?! ✨

These are still strange times, let's be honest: who would have ever expected that a year later we would still be in this misery? We certainly don't.

We can imagine that with all that working from home you also miss a bit of team building during the week. Or even social interaction with your colleagues that you normally saw more often than your own friends or family!

In order to find a bond with each other, we now organize company outings with De Stadswandeling, how cool is that ?! We had the honor of doing so Young PostNL organizing a so-called 'hybrid' company outing (thank you!), where employees in Rotterdam and Amsterdam had a company outing in their own city at the same time: and even competed against each other with a tailor-made city quiz! Thanks to our City Walk network in various cities, this is of course also possible!

Are you and your colleagues interested in a tailor-made company outing?
Send us an email for more information to:
and of course we are happy to look at the possibilities! 🚶🏼‍♂️🌞🚶🏽‍♀️

* of course, these company outings are always organized by taking into account the current corona measures, such as by means of different starting places, starting times and various walking routes.

Restaurant Elkaar

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