Postillion Hotel Amsterdam & The City Walk

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"What if you combine the hospitality with a capital G of Postillion Hotels with a city walk with a capital S? Then you get our new package: sleep, stroll and feast."

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A holiday is (almost) no longer necessary, because the Netherlands itself has so much to offer! To start with the various interesting cities and beautiful Hotels! Let's just announce a great collaboration with Postillion Hotels!

Also with the Postillion Hotels you can book a package with a city walk included! And not even only in Amsterdam! Have you ever had enough of 020? Then you can also let yourself be pampered in the Hotels in Arnhem, Deventer, Dordrecht, Utrecht, Bunnik and Rotterdam!

Are you curious about the arrangement and more information?
Then take a look here: city walk

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North, (South) East, and West: Amsterdam at its best

"You don't really care much about the fact that we have built a fantastic new hotel with wonderful beds. You are out all day. You run and fly from one hotspot to another to return satisfied at night. Note that with the metro you can be everywhere very quickly, that you can close the curtains with a tablet, you can watch TV in the bathroom and that the view from the rooms is also fantastic. a nightcap.

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But take a good look around you. Do you see the references to the Maple Leaf gumball factory that once stood here? And have you already discovered our great roof terrace? And what about our fitness room? Postillion hotel Amsterdam is full of special details. Just look at the wallpaper in your room. Everything has been thought about. We do everything we can to pay tribute to our beautiful capital.

The best thing about Amsterdam? That special hotspots are constantly being added. Because in Amsterdam it is no longer happening in the center. Actually, every district has a special place.

Let's start in West. There you will find Thuishaven, a unique place that gives you a festival feeling all year round, even now. Events are now on hold, but the outside terrace is open and you can imagine yourself at your favorite festival there too. The way to overcome your festival homesickness.

And don't forget Amsterdam Noord, where the hotspots can no longer be counted on one hand. How about Blast Galaxy, for example? A fantastic arcade hall. This is the perfect place to start your evening. You will find the hall a stone's throw from the NDSM Wharf.

Why South is not on the list? Because much more exciting things have been happening in Southeast lately. And it just so happens to be quite close to Postillion Hotel Amsterdam. Have a coffee at Oma Ietje or taste the rendang croquettes. Don't forget to visit the Kleiburg brewery. And with a bit of luck, the legendary nightclub Jack will open again. And do you fancy a drink or a do it yourself BBQ at a special location? Take a look at A beautiful mess and Bajes Beach Club: you can walk there in just over 10 minutes. Are you ready to rediscover the capital? Then provide a perfect base for all your plans. You are in the right place at Postillion hotel Amsterdam. "

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