The City Walk supports the charity Heart to Handle!

The City Walk x Heart to Handle!

A group of sixteen students who have never been on a racing bike until recently will cycle 2,750 kilometers in 3.5 weeks to raise money for research into the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Why do they need our support ?!
At the moment, 3% of the world's population is walking around with an increased risk of heart failure. The AMC, led by Dr. Pinto and Dr. Amin, is conducting research into the prevention of cardiovascular disease. This research works to detect people with an increased risk of heart failure due to a genetic variation in the heart muscle. The aim of this study is to map this 3%.

In a weekend of Valentine's Day where love and loving is everything, we couldn't think of a better reason to support this charity that is committed to you ❤️. That is why we have joined forces so that we can also support a good cause while walking together. How cool is that ?!

How does it work?
You don't really have to do anything extra! The prices of De Stadswandelingen this weekend will be increased by 0.50c per person for this weekend. So if you go for a nice walk with your lover this weekend, you pay 3.50 per person. As Stadswandeling020, we will then add 0.50c on top of that so that we donate 1 euro to Heart to Handle for every Stadswandelaar! Let us all walk ourselves healthy and with that also do something for someone else! Our other family member Cities of De Stadswandeling are also participating !! We are all very enthusiastic about this collaboration and therefore hope that we can all really mean something for the toppers of @Hearttohandle.

Would you like more information about what Heart to Handle does?
Then take a quick look at their Instagram page @hearttohandle or on their website:

Thank you all and stay healthy! ❤️

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