The Elfstedentocht, but different: The 11 Horeca take it away city walk!

It started as the only Friday afternoon walk: the 11 take it away City Walk. But at the moment it is every week between all possible walks! What makes this walk so special is that on a 7km route you do not walk past five but 11 (!) Participating catering entrepreneurs who have a nice city walk deal ready to take with you.

You would think: that's nice enough, right ?!
That's right .. But we thought it was nice to reward the tough walkers who pass all 11 stops with a real city walk medal. A medal as a reminder of this very crazy time, but also a reminder that you as a walker did something to support the hospitality industry during this time!

Have you already walked it all the way ?!
Register from Thursday 14:00 to join e e one of the nice walks this weekend!

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