Article on RTLnieuws Economy: "Every city has its own catering tour: 'It has really become a company, super cool'"

It started as a kind of hobby project, a way to have something to do during the corona period. A few months later, 'De Stadswandeling' by Kim ten Have and Lianne Verkerk (both 26) has grown into a network of almost forty cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. "We couldn't have dreamed it."

From the bike the first few catering entrepreneurs in Amsterdam South to ask if they want to participate in our City Walk trial - to an article on RTLnieuws! Wow! Who would have thought that?! Very honestly, we don't! So great to look back at how fast this adventure has gone, and how many happy reactions we have received from different sides in the meantime! Thanks everyone!

Curious about the entire article? Then click here.

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