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This weekend we have no less than 5 (!) Very nice walks, including a few well-known ones, namely:

  • The 11 Take it Away walk in Amsterdam Center

Originally started as a Friday afternoon walk and it is again this week! What makes this walk so special, is that you have no less than 11 on the way participating catering industry! On Friday this walk can be done between 16:00 and 20:00. But also on Saturday & Sunday they will be there again, but then from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm!

  • The Special Festive Route in Amsterdam East / Center

Comeback! This route was originally created as a special route for the holidays. But we like it so much that we're happy to run it again! The difference of this route is that the catering deals along the way are a bit more luxurious and festive, which is why they are also slightly more expensive (but a maximum of 7eu each).

  • The City Walk in Amsterdam West

Think of the Kinkerbuurt / Rembrandtpark area. This City Walk even has no fewer than 8 catering stops along the way! So if you really want to go crazy;)

  • The City Walk in Amsterdam South

In the vicinity of Apollobuurt / de Pijp!
This walk was for the first time last weekend, but due to great interest you can enjoy it again!

  • And finally an entirely new City Walk in the Center of Amsterdam!

This runs, for example, through the Nieuwmarkt / Zeedijk / Plantage environments!

All Saturday & Sunday routes will be open between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM, between this time frame you can of course choose what time you start!

We keep a maximum number of participants per route, because we want to avoid crowds and follow the current corona measures responsibly. I hope you're ready Thursday at 2:00 pm, because is full unfortunately so really full!

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